New Couches & Living Room Reveal

When Jason and I were first thinking of moving in together, we were basically combining two different styles into something that fits both our personalities. While I'm more fond of neutrals and whites, Jason leans more toward the metals and darker browns to blacks. While I like more of a country theme, he likes modern. Total opposites right?

He's a total Manly man
I'm a total Girly Girl

With that being said there was a few things we had come to an agreement on when furnishing our house. One thing in particular was the Couch! There were things we agreed not to get.

- Nothing Suede
- Nothing White
- Nothing Cloth

***If you're a dog owner I don't need to explain why these three are listed***

The reasons we can't have nice things.

There was also things one of us cared about, but the other didn't. His was color and fabric, he wanted something darker. Where I was more about the style, If we're going to get a sectional or separate couch and love seat.

Some things we looked at when picking our couch, beside our personal preferences. 
- The couch or sectional you pick should have durable fabric. Don't pick something that will rip apart after a few years of use. 
- Test the springs! Make sure you like the way it sits. 
- Make sure it the right dimensions for your room. Nothing stands out more than a couch that doesn't flow with a room. 
- Get a couch that's easily maintable.
- With a low ceiling get a low backed sofa. It makes your wall seem taller than they are.
- Vise Vera with a high ceiling, chose a high back sofa.
- Make sure your couch is sturdy: You need something with a well built frame. 
- If you like throw pillows get a solid color couch. That way you can decorate it how you want.

What we ended up was this Durablend matching couch and love seat in the style CAFE.

Here's the online photo set up:

 The road to getting our living room furniture was HELL, but I was extreamly happy in the end.

We bought the couch when we first moved into our home for a little over $600. Skip to two years later I wanted the matching love seat for my Christmas present. The week before we went to buy the loveseat I did all my rescearch for prices. Online sites had it for $376-$381 price range. So I figured Ashley's would advertise it for around that price also. Imagine my supprise when we call up there and they tell us $645.00 WHAT A TOTAL RIP OFF. How in two years does the matching loveseat increase in price that extravigant amount?

Thinking that the woman we spoke with was incorrect I decided to call other stores in the Jacksonville area and their corporate office. A different store in Jacksonville told me $552 for the loveseat so did corporate. I asked why a different location would have it for $645.00 and I was told he had no idea why. I also ask if they price matched because there's online sites that have it for $376.00 and even with shipping I would still have a better deal than buying with them. I guess He (Jeff the corporate guy) could tell I was a little upset with their company, for one store trying to rip its customers off, so he informed me to print out the listing and he will price match it. Now that's good customer service. I decided to visit the store that quoted me $645 and let them know in a suddle way I knew they were trying to rip me off. That I also spoke with their corporate and informed them of their scams. That charching an extra $93 than other stores is just plain wrong. I asked if they would price match my print out, and if they couldnt that a different store could and their corporate promised me this would be solved. One hour lunch break later they priced matched my $376 and in total it came to $403.00.

 I opted out of their warranty because to be honest Ashley's warranty sucks. Our couches zipper came undone and they wouldnt fix it. Also from the reviews for their warrantys alot is not covered. So the extra 100 warranty isnt worth it. I fixed the zipper myself and learned a lesson. We also didnt get the delivery to our home. Jason and I are both capable of picking up this loveseat and putting it together ouselves. This was a total learning experience for us. Tips for others looking to buy furniture...SHOP THE HECK AROUND and get the best price for your piece.

While our experience at one store was horrible that doesnt mean that the others are the same. I want to thank "Jeff" for everything he did for us. Waiting two years for this loveseat only to be heartbroken about the price. In the end Ashleys did make it right, I just wish I didnt have to go through all the problems to begin with.

Skip two weeks later we now have our living room set, and the room is complete.


I still have some things I want to do for our living room, and Jason's rolling his eyes about my ideas. I'll be sharing those as we get them done. I'm am hinting around to a extra large area rug FYI. Fingers crossed I get it before two years pass by. Anyone know if its okay to order rugs online? 

Couche & Loveseat- Durablend Cafe
Ottoman- DIY HERE
Love Pallet Sign- DIY From Shanty2Chic
White Pillows- Kmart
Aztec Pillow - Yardsale
Brown Faux Leather Pillows- Better Home & Gardens
Throw- Better Homes and Gardens
Wall Clock- Walmart
Side Table- Antique Type Writer Desk
Wax Warmer- Better Home & Gardens
Wall Frames: upcycled frames from Goodwill

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