Bronze Accents & Martha Stewart Paint Review

When I decided on the style that I wanted for our living room, I knew that I wanted some bronze accents. It wasn't till my mother gave me an antique typewriter desk did I decide that I really loved bronze in this room 

So it suddenly went from one little bronze side table, to frames and who knows whats next.

I searched and searched for a bronze color paint that I could use, and finally found this.

Now I'm not a huge Martha Stewart fan, as I'm sure many other bloggers aren't either. Her recent foot in the mouth in an interview she did bad mouthing the very fans who made her who she is. But that's another story for a different time.

I'm not someone who ventures out of her paint brand zone. I love Behr & use their paint alot. Almost my whole home is covered in some shade of theirs or another. Their paint is GREAT, applies smooth, I never need more than two coats, and for the amount its a bargain. 

So imagine my nervousness purchasing a different paint brand. I ended up leaving Home Depot with Martha Stewart's paint in the color Bronze. My first piece I used it on was already primed with a thick white paint, so I figured I wouldn't need alot of this to use. 

I was so wrong!

I ended up using five coats on this one little table. I couldn't believe it!!! The paint seemed so thick that I wouldn't have a problem with the application. However it applied horrible, I was very unimpressed. After so many layers I was about to give up, but the amount I spent on it I was bound and determined to finish this.

I even wondered if it was because of the item I was applying it to, but when I tried it on picture frames and wood I got the same result. It required way to many coats for me to be anywhere near impressed with this product. Not to mention how it settled once dried.

If you're wondering I did at least finish the project I had set for this Saturday, It just took me the entire weekend instead. So would I or Wouldn't I buy this product again?

The answer is no, I honestly wouldn't buy this product again. This weekend project just further more proved to me that a famous name on a product isn't always the best. I'll be sticking with my Behr paint from now on. 

***This my honest opinion of this product. I've purchased with my own money and in no way was I paid for this product review.***

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