TGIF: Ready For The Weekend

WHATS UP FOLKS!!!! I am beyond excited today is Friday!!!! can tell with all the exclamation points right?

Well let me tell you why...we finally got our love seat in. Our living room now has extra seats for people to place their butts on when they come to visit. I was worried that this Christmas there wouldn't be enough spots to sit. The love seat defiantly needs to be broken in because its not as comfy as the couch.

...If you took "broken in" a dirty way, get your mind outta the gutters.

So since we finally got that in its time for finish our living room update. I have a helper at the house all this weekend. Jason took some of his vacation time and he's going to regret it this Saturday and Sunday. Speaking of Jason...His company Christmas dinner was great. Here's the only picture I've gotten so far.

YES all snazied up. Crazy thing is they've had it at this fancy hotel for the past two years. This year I decided to wear a white dress. I was one of three women who wore white. All the hotel employees thought Jason and I got married and kept congratulating us. After 4 drinks we just ran with it and started saying Thank You. Defiantly one of those things you look back on and laugh.
Back to the living room conversation, since we have all our furniture I'm working on accents and wall decor to put the finishing touches. I did however pick up some new pillows this week. Our dog Ginger LOVES them.
Displaying 20131212_225608.jpg

In case you cant see them good, which you'll get a better picture come Monday when we publish the finish room. Its the Better Home & Gardens Faux Leather Pillows they sell at Walmart. I've been waiting to buy these for three months now and finally broke down and did it.

Best Decision EVER!!!

So whats on the agenda this weekend is accents for the living room. We went and mixed both our styles together and came up with something AMAZING! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and may it be as productive as ours!

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