Yet another week has passed! Hurray its October!!!! Jason and I both love this month, besides the face that this will be our 1 year anniversary this month. We both actually like Halloween and giving out candy to all the little kiddos. Every year there's this group of little boys that always come by our house to see what design we make on our pumpkins. They always ask to take one home, I think this year we just might let them since Halloween falls on trash day. So the pumpkins will be sitting in our trash can for a whole nother week. Okay onto whats been going on here!

1. OUR DINING ROOM CHAIRS ARE COMPLETED!!! Yes that requires it to be in all caps. In case you missed the post with all the lovely pictures you can view and read that here. It was a fun project and quite simple.

2. Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and The Big Bang Theory have started their new seasons. And I'm so excited. Is there any TV series you count down to?

3. We are still trying to sell our pool table! So Charlotte can be parked somewhere during the cold months. We had someone come look at it yesterday and they want a brand new pool table for less than three hundred. Lets be serious you cant find a pool table bran new for less than $500.

4. I started working on my next project so that I can still use it during this year. Its the welcome mat for our front door. Think OWLS! I'm also trying to decide what project to do next. I really wants to start on a coffee bar, but I have so many other projects I already have the materials for. I really need to finish those before I start something new.

5. One of our dogs Ginger has taken to chewing herself. We put on the cone of shame during the night. She looks so pitiful but I have no other ideas on what to do. She doesn't have fleas and she stays inside. I'm days away from taking her to the vet in hopes they figure it out.

6. Jason got a promotion at his job. His title is now senior, and I'm super excited for him!

7. Our 1 year anniversary is 9 days away. While we promised no gifts I still planned out a dinner and movie. Cant let you know of the place its a surprise.

8. Well we got rid of the sectional couch and fixed our leather sofa. I see another room makeover already churning in my mind.

9. Now that our dining room is almost done I'm getting the itch to paint it again. I'm thinking a grey of some sort.

Well I hope you loves had a wonderful week!

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