Well I'm so ready for October to pass. Don't get me wrong I like Halloween as much as the next person, but this year we are choosing not to participate. Yes we're that grumpy couple this year. I just don't feel like buying 11 large bags of candy and running out half way through the trick or treaters. Then dealing with grown ass people driving golf carts around our neighborhood not even dressed up as anything...or worse not dressed enough. Then some kids having the nerve to say "That's all I get?" Yes you ungrateful bastard you only get three kit Kat's. You better be respectful or you get nothing. You're already a few candy bars away from me giving you an apple instead. Too harsh? Well you haven't met the rude kids in our neighborhood. I can actually say I was a respectable child. Jason and I both agree that if we ever decide to procreate, the child will always be respectful. A swift smack upside the head didn't do us any harm when we forgot our manners.

Alright enough ranting here's whats gone down this past week.

1. I took my mother and grandmother out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. Where I bought a tree skirt and wallet, that I honestly didn't need. Dinner was great, the conversation was a mixture of weird and funny. Granny Ruby had a good time and that's all that mattered.

2. Jason and I had our first "Car wash date" during which I yelled at the pregnant lady who didn't do her job and press the button when she should have. The button in question turns on the light to tell me when to put my car in neutral, so I don't run over her pregnant self.

3. We still haven't gotten rid of our pool table. Charlotte is still sitting out in the weather, which has currently been rainy.

4. We painted the white walls in our dining room. Of course it was the wrong color grey, because that's just how we roll. However for now it will just have to work at least till another 6 months pass and I force Jason to help me paint it again.

5. We no longer have a coffee table. I broke apart our pallet table Jason made about a year ago for another project I'm working on. Its honestly taking longer than what I thought it would, but it will be worth it in the end.

6. We don't plan on posting alot the next two month mainly because we have alot going on and we barely have time for projects. We're also getting dragged down alot with the whole dining room. It's been making us look at projects with disgust right now. We want to finish that before we start on a different project.

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