Mismatched Chairs

FINALLY! We have dining room chairs. You have no idea how excited I am about this. When we first set off to remodel our dining room we had a whole different vision than how it turned out. I wanted parson style chairs and I wanted them all to match. That is until I saw the many pictures of mismatched chairs and fell in love. Here's a few pictures to show you what inspired me, you can also look at our Dining Room Pinterest Board Here, and the work we've already done Here and Here.

the Cottage of Vinnord: Before & After - Dining room - Love the variety of chair styles painted the same color to make them match

Mismatched chairs painted in same color for dining room.Considering I may need to replace the dining room chairs soon, I like the white chairs with the dark table. Rustic and modern.

I thought the concept of mismatched chairs was country and very romantic if it was in a soft color. I spent months trying to find the right chairs for this job. I cant tell you how many yardsales and thrift stores I searched. Well now my search has ended I found 6 chairs that are in dire need of TLC in order to be placed in our dining room. Here's the chairs in question!

I refuse to show you the cushions those things looked horrendous! So I ripped of the fabric and got to use the gorgeous grey fabric I bought at Joann's at a discounted price. If you're curious about the fabric its called Country Classic Cotton Solid Quilt Fabric in Grey

This is our first time ever reupholstering anything, so thankfully it was something easy.

First we took the seat cushions off the chairs and ripped off the fabric. Thankfully alot of the cushion padding was reusable. We took the directions from Virginia's site livelovediy, and reupholstered all the seats. You need a stable gun with specific staple for upholstering, the other types of staples didn't work for this job.

Once done we set those aside and started to tackle the actual chairs. First off they looked disgusting so we cleaned them with a bleach and water mixture...just to appease me. Then we lightly sanded them down by hand, just to get that top coating off. After sanding we painted the whole chairs with Irish Mist by Behr. I always praise their paints and that's because I love them, I've never been disappointed in them. After that it was only a matter of letting them dry then putting a poly coat on them to help keep them protected from chipping paint. If you're using a white color paint please put a water base poly coating on instead of an oil. Every time I use and oil base it turns the paint a different color.

Finally it was time to attach the cushions to the chairs and place them at your table.
Stand back and enjoy!

Some time in the future I would like to make a pillows for some of them.
Like this image...but for now I'll just use the throw pillows off our bed.

Here are some more pictures of our dining room with the chairs. As you can tell I really wanted white furniture, and this will be the last project where we paint furniture.


  1. Wow! Your chairs are so adorable! I love the mismatched look... Is it okay if I am a little bit jealous...???? I've always wanted this.....
    I hope you THOROUGHLY enjoy it....!!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  2. New subscriber from Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.

    Great pictures! I'm so glad mismatched chairs are in...that's about all we have at our house! *lol*

  3. Your chairs look fantastic! The mis-matched look is awesome and a great way to save some $$ if you need to buy new - plus if you break one or something happens to one, you can always just pick up a new one on Craig's list cheap!

  4. That looks lovely. I will have to remember this next time I am in redo mode. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend.

  5. How classy is this! I love them. Mismatched like this are matches to me :)
    Thanks for sharing them on my blog hop!!!

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