Pinspiration Monday's

Its another Monday. Lets try something new on the blog to get you inspired for this week.
Hopefully some of these amazing pins i've came across this weekend will help you get up and do something productive this week.

I tried my best to discover the sources of each post but you know pinterest!

While I'm sure many crafters can easily make this by themselfs,  Paperjackstudios sell these on their Etsy page for $30-$40 bucks.

Such a little cutie! I love this picture, it was taken by Cindy Emerson Photography. You should go check out the rest of the photo shoot where this picture was shot during.

I couldnt agree more with this quote.

Folks I've tried and tried and tried to find to owner of this photo. Yes I've looked up melissakelly17 on instigram and i believe i've found her on twitter. One follow request sent and now the waiting period. I want to give credit where credit is due. Because this little coffee bar is ADORABLE & if you red my TGIF post you would know it's caused me to add one more project to our list.

People this was one of the two pictures that inspired me to do mismatched chairs in my dining room.
Immagine my supprise when I found the person's website that actually created this. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN! Lindsey over on betterafter created this, and i'm simply stunned.

Unfortunally I cannot find the source for this beauty. While I wouldnt put this in my house, I would suggest it for a book shop. I even tried google image search which kept leading me back to Redit, and that didnt even give me a source.

Here is the site all my searches has led me to. I've noticed that alot of people use this room as insipiration when they are searching for a way to design their family room. I think it's lovely...not really my style but lovely nonoftheless.

Its getting close to fall so who doesnt love pumpkins. I love the whole idea of white pumpkins against dark wood. Its just very flattering and can work in any area of our house.

Well folks I hope this gives you some inspiration and motivation to do something great this week.
<3 Jamie

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