It's Friday time for another weekend full of crafts and coffee! This week seemed to go by pretty quickly for me, I don't know about you. I wanted to start something new and let our viewers see a little inside our live here at The Koenigs. With that being said here's some important things that happened in our neck of the woods this week.

1. I started back walking and working out with my coworker and my mother. Tuesday thru Thursday during those days I get to rock out my new runing shoes. Which in turn has made me start drinking unsweetened Green tea, and dehydrating banana's, and apples for healthy snacks. I guess I should add I got a dehydrator finally after many months of searching for one at Goodwill. I ...well my mother scored one for $6.99 and this sucker is bad to the bone. Now to get Jason to start eating healthy with me...easier said that done.

2. Jason got his test results back from his ultrasound from last week when he had a kidney stone pass. The doctor didn't see any stones and suggested he go and get an xray and MRI on his back. Now theres alot of speculation but Jason could of passed the kidney stone before the ultrasound was done, which would of led to it not picking up anything. However I understand the doctors want to make sure and cover themselves. He's yet to decided if he's getting the xray or MRI done. But they gave him some muscle relaxers for unknown reasons.

3. I lucked up and found some sweet brown fall leather boots. I talked about them Here! I bought them from Belk when they had their sale on boots and I was also able to use their 20% off coupon. I scored them for $40.00 plus tax. I didn't get a picture of mine, but I found a picture of them in black. Just to give you some idea.

4. I also picked up some lovely grey fabric to reupholster those dining room chairs I'm been procrastinating on WHICH BTW the number of chairs increased now we have 6 chairs all mismatched. Maybe ill stop being lazy and hop to it this weekend. Anywhoo cant you picture this fabric up against some crisp white chairs?

5. I'm wanting to go thrift store shopping again! I'm in search for and a beverage cart, or something nice for inside that I can put our alcohol and drinking glasses. Yeah I'm jumping on that ban wagon.

6. Finally one of our babies Mocha came back from visitation with Mama Patty. My mom loves our dog Mocha and owns the brother of the litter DJ. They are such partners in crime. My mom likes me to let Mocha stay and visit with her for a week at a time. I also picked up some of her home made spaghetti sauce while there. so much for working out.

How was ya'll week? Any excitement? Or was it smooth sailing all the way? 

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