Fall Boots & Centerpieces

While everyone is super excited about how they can feel the tempt change in their state. I'm sitting here grumpy because its still in the upper 90's in Florida. Jason expects this hot weather to last until November which is a bummer but I wont let that bring down my Fall Joy. Yes I'm still sitting at home making fall crafts, looking at fall clothes (and dreaming), drinking my pumpkin Spice Lattes even thought its hotter than the 7 stories of hell outside.

This past week I had a fun little project to help decorate my new-ish dining room table. Anyone that follows our blog know that I refuse to throw stuff away. There might only be a little bit of spray paint in that can but I'm going to use it all. So I sat down this weekend and decided to find a use for all those scraps just lying in my office. I knew I wanted to keep the flow going in our dining room, so off to work I went. LO AND BEHOLD!!!

I like to call this my "Musgo Fall Centerpiece" sounds fancy huh? why that name? Well here's my reasoning I was able to take a bunch of left over craft material that "must go" and turn them into this.

Surprisingly enough I finish this craft on the Cheap. I used an old blue vase I bought from my favorites thrift shop about 6 months ago (Its been collecting dust). My favorite thrift shop BTW is City Rescue Mission Thrift Shop. I was able to use some spray paint that I half way used on a different project. One partly used spray paint can down and 4 others to go!!! I also added some a long piece of burlap scrap left over from our FAMILY Burlap Boxes. I love the vase mixed the the brown burlap. Sadly I didn't get a picture of the vase before it was painted. It was a sky blue, but I loved the shape of the vase so much I decided to ignore the color.

 I also was able to buy some really nice flowers at the Dollar Tree. Which the dollar tree normally doesn't have decent looking flowers. I guess Dollar Tree is coming up, because these looked very nice and not too fake. It could just be that their fall selection is always better than their other seasonal flowers. I had no set flower arrangement in mind when I bought these flowers. I wanted alot of ivory and orange. So I grabbed two or three of every type or ivory and orange flowers they had.

After I  spray painted my vase I placed some rocks that I had left over from our wedding in the bottom of the vase to weigh it down. I'm bound and determined to find a use for all my wedding decorations as you can see. I then arranged my flowers how I wanted them I'm not the best at floral arrangements by no means. But I knew I wanted a display that was large. I didn't get to use all my flowers since our dog Ginger took some and decorated her cage. Further more proving how much of a princess she is, and needs a bed worthy of her title. Once I arraigned that flowers how I wanted them in the vase I just tied the burlap piece and tucked the ends in.
Hopefully my "Musgo" piece inspires some of you crafters to use up your left over craft scraps and turn it into something amazing!

We still really need some chairs. We have a set that needs to be reupholstered among other things. I need to figure out a way to raise them about 2 inches. I'm thinking extra extra amounts of cushion padding. /fingers crossed that gets done soon. Here's the chairs in question.

Whats your suggestion on raising a chair up so that it fits nicely at a table?

I also wanted to tell all the ladies out there that are getting ready for fall. This past weekend I went boot shopping, yes I jumped the gun and started fall clothes shopping. Belk has all their boots on sale and your able to use their 20% off coupon with that sale. Lets just say I found a perfect pair of brown leather boots originally marked 80.00 for 40.00 + Tax. SCORE!!!!


  1. I dig the color yellow. i think it works in any season and makes fall feel so warm and happy.

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  3. Very warm and pretty. Fall is such a lovely time of year. It's great to meet you. From your newest follower, Linda

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  5. This is great, I can't believe those are Dollar Tree flowers??? I'm going to have to add it to my errands today :) and love the name, "Mustgo"...I've been trying to stop buying and use up what we have on projects, great inspiration, thank you!

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