Master Bedroom Inspiration

I've had our master bedroom in my head since we first moved in.  I knew I wanted to go light and simple with alot of natural wood and contrasting colors (Basically I wanted it to look like adults stayed in hereand I knew just the thing to do so. When you enter our bedroom I wanted the main focus to be on the bed. Whats a better way to do that then a canopy bed. It was just my luck that the current bed we're using converts into one. SCORE!

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The mid-century fan in me loves a good tapered legs, and the master bedroom is the perfect space for a mid-century piece, it just says we're adults it doesn't matter if we watch Pokemon on the weekends. I've been eyeing WestElms white and acorn mid century desk but at $600 Jason might put me in the loony bin. Thankfully I have a piece in storage that I've been dying to fix up. There's so much to do in the meantime. 

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I've decided to not tackle decor and organization for the attached master bath and closet until after the bedroom is 100% complete. That's doesn't mean I wont go ahead and paint the walls, baseboards, & Doors. I would like to paint everything first and have a blank slate. I've been eyeing this lovely grey color by Glidden and pairing it with my favorite white from Behr. The two together will compliment each other and not draw attention away from the key pieces in the room.

As far as decor. I'm thinking a few framed pieces from some local artist, matching lamps, floral arrangements. I want to keep it simple & light but somewhat uniform. I'm looking into purchasing a wall monogram decal but there's so many great designs to choose from. I figure that when I decide on a design I'll put in my purchase, or I might just go a totally different and diy route. I'm looking for decor I can easily change out through the year, & I'm not entirely sure I want to put curtains in this room now since there will be curtains on the canopy.

How did you style your bedroom? Have you ever purchased a monogram wall decal? If so from where? So many questions pop into my head as I start this project, I can only hope Jason will love it once complete.

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