I feel as though when 2014 ended a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. By the end of the year I vanished off the blogging world except for a few post here and there. I literally wore myself out that I had nothing left. I made some mistakes in 2014 that led to me over working myself and extinguishing my creative flame...until now!

There comes a point at the beginning of the new year where you have to sit down and re-evaluate some things. Yeah I did that both for life and for this blog. You could say they're sort of New Years Resolutions, but do you really have those for a blog. I'm just going to call them 2015 Blog goals, because 2015 Blog New Years Resolutions just doesn't sound right.

So here they're!

1. Do Me: This sounds strange but toward the middle of last year I started comparing my new blog to some of the major well established bloggers out there. I thought I needed to keep up with the amount of content they post a week. I didn't think that my weekly blog post was good enough to keep people around. I thought I needed to post 5 times a week, so once I started doing that I ran out of creative juices & I ended up posting about things that were trending and far from my style. Which led to me not putting my heart in each post. Which leads to a train wreck for a blog. I received more positive feed back & more views back when I was posting what I loved...because you loved it to. I want to get back to the beginning and love everything I share on my little slice of the Internet. 

2. Finish Site Redesign: Redesigning this whole site by myself has been trial and error. I have in my head this vision of how I want TheKoenigs to look. I feel confident that it will eventually be complete and up to my satisfaction if I continue to work on it. At some point I'm sure I will have to enlist the help of my tech savvy husband. Until then I'll continue to learn on my own and tweak what I can. I hope to add a few thing on here and make it very unique also a bit more sophisticated and easy to read.

3. Organization: I've officially purchased my first planner. It's time to get organized this year and become more proficient in keeping me on track. I've always been bad keeping on track with everything. Take this post for example I should of put it out at the beginning of the month instead it's toward the end. Yeah that has to stop!

4. Dare to be different: Yeah that might sound kinda cheesy but I have a few things in the works. I want TheKoenigs to be different from others and follow our own path. I've been brain storming ideas and ready to take the next step..which might entail breaking down and asking the techy husband to.

5. Try new things: This could possibly be a part two of dare to be different. I want to go outside my comfort zone this year. Try some new tools, projects, ideas that I wouldn't normally try, because I would be to scared to fail. Take some classes to better my photographs. Anything that could really help me better this hobby of mine. 

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