The Vanity

I was so excited to share how my grandmother vintage vanity turned out. The moment it was finished I set up a photo shoot complete with a real baby. I would like to thank my lovely sister-in-law for letting me take some shots of her little girl.

Before you scroll down to the bottom and view all the lovely finished product I would like to tell you a little about the piece and the steps I had to take to finish it.

This is a 4 piece vanity with matching stool. It has a marble top and oval mirror with a gold key medallion on the center drawer. The stain is orange though at some point im sure it was a much richer color, due to poor storage conditions and years of neglect it's faded. There's some damage to the mirror and marble top but they're so minor you can barley see them. 

This piece also has sentimental value to me. I use to play dress up in my grandmothers room when I was little and always put on my pretend make up sitting in front of this very vanity. Now some odd years later my grandmother let me have it for our new house and it's been sitting in our storage room until I could find the inspiration for the piece.

Thankfully one day I got the inspiration needed for this piece when I was searching "Awesome Mid century Furniture" joke. Westelms Acorn and White Mid century desk popped up. It's gorgeous and of course it was sold out. I'm very grateful it was sold out because at $600 Jason would have me evaluated. Anyways on to the step by step process for those of you who like seeing what I had to go through.

I had to sand a majority of this piece by hand due to all the little detail. if anyone has a easier way for me to do that so I don't ruin my fingers every time please let me know. I'm all for saving my fingers.

After the entire piece was sanded down which took two days. I stained it with Miniwax wood stain in Provincial. I added some paint detail along the edges. Applied a couple of coats of poly lightly sanding between each coat.

The drawers were pretty simple. I just painted the faces in White Glove by Behr. Which is still my favorite color ever! The only problem I face with this part was the large drawer at the base of the vanity. I wanted to remove the gold lock medallion and completely smooth it out. I also need to fill the holes where the previous hardware was and put a bar pull in the center. Pain in the butt!

I had to carefully pry the medallion off and puddy the hole there and where the previous two knobs where. I know there's a hack to use bar soap to fill holes and i've done that trick on a few pieces, but this is important and I wanted to put my time and money into it for sentimental reasons so I used puddy. Using a level I measured the exact center of the drawer and attached my bar pull in the center.

If you're wondering about the new hardware because they are seriously to die for, I got them at Home Depot. They were perfect for this project and I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them. I mixed the Liberity Hallow Cabinet Knob with Liberity Bronze Bar pull.

So classic right?

If you have a piece that's dearest to your heart and cant find it in you to completely tear it apart and make something else with it. A little bit of paint and some new hardware can totaly change the look while still keeping it the same.

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