New Dinning Room Chairs

That was quick! Last week I talked about some new pieces of furniture I got recently for our home. Well here's one of those pieces or should I say four of them. Woot Woot!

I Flippin’ love them!

Deciding on any piece of furniture is a long, and exhausting struggle for me. For those of you who it takes months to pick out a piece of furniture know exactly what I mean. It was love at first sight when I saw (These Chairs) on, I'm still trying to make Jason love them as much as me. I was actually hoping to get them in black, not Tarnished Metal. However, I found that "Tarnished Metal" went really well with the pop of chicken wire on our china cabinet

Without anything to help envision what it would look like. I built up the courage and purchased four of these chairs. All the reviews were a mixture of the chairs seeming a bit short, others exclaimed they worked perfect. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, all four chairs didn't arrived in perfect condition. Two were missing  screws to attached the back to the seat. Thankfully the awesome people at Acebayou quickly fixed my problem and sent me replacements for the missing ones. The process of putting them together is simple. They're super sturdy, extremely well made, and look pretty bad to the bone with my table. It took my dining room from super girly to a bit more rugged... Don’t you think? (Yes, I know that my shelves & left wall are screaming for a little something extra, im even thinking about playing around with the lighting!)

I’m hoping to find two really interesting upholstered head chairs - maybe even some wingbacks. Who knows?

What do you think of my new chairs? What pieces of furniture do you have that was love at first sight?

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  1. The new chairs look great! I love how they look with the white base and wood-top table. I don't know if I have any furniture that was love at first sight, but lots of "that'll do". :)

  2. I have such a hard time deciding on furniture too! The new chairs look great! I love the idea of upholstered head chairs too!