New Coffee Table

 I got a new coffee table for my living room. This makes me happy on so many levels: I wasn't loving the non existent one. So I needed something to fill that void, and I wanted something I could continuously change the style through the year. Because I constantly redecorate EVERYTHING in this house.

My latest favorite place to shop is Target. It’s my go to store  plus it has a Starbucks. You can find amazing Discounts, on their awesome app Cartwheel. I'm talking discounts, on food, home decor, Office supplies, electronics. Whats even great about it is that you can also see what deals your friends and family signed up for aswell. Its pretty neat when you really look at it, once you sign up they give you a one of a kind barcode that holds all the discounts you selected. Just let your cashier scan and rack up the savings.

At the risk of becoming way to nerdy & over excited about cartwheel. I'll start with the decor. I've gotten on the fad train with displaying books. I cant help myself I love the idea of displaying classics. It make my box of stored books take up less space and makes us look intellectual. I actually just got alot of my classics from local Goodwill's. To top the books off I just added a succulent even though its looking quite dead lately.

With that said, I kept the same theme on the opposite side and stored all my Better Home and Garden's Magazines! I didn't want to put too much on this table because I loving the thought of bare minimal and just showing how cool the table is alone. I did center it with another plant in a green bowl. It's been growing like crazy with just minimal care. I topped the table off with a little brass crab I got at a hole in the wall thrift store.
I cant wait to change the decor up through out the year. The only thing I can guarantee stays is the adorable center plant. I've killed ever other plant in this house but this guy. Way to have my back little one.

For right now its very functional. We have a spot to put our drinks, because you can only rest your drinks on the floor for so long before a dog knocks it over. Although there are things on my coffee table, there is still room to perform all of these functions. The books and magazines can be stacked to create even more usable space. For color, I worked with alot of greens, since our living rooms color pallet is Greys, Greens, and Browns with splashes of bronze.

Because the coffee table is rectangular I added contrasting shapes. 

That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed my new coffee table as much as I am.

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