DIY Indoor Cactus Garden

Slowly i'm starting to love the little corner by the window in our living room. From the crazy green color I chose to paint this table, to the deer antlers! Everything here is just super fun and a perfect spot for a Cactus Garden.

Here's what you need

- Shallow container
- Soil 
- Gloves
- Rocks
- Assorted cacti

Line the bottom of your shallow dish with rocks.

Start putting in you cacti (clear as much soil as possible off the roots). Then fill with dirt.

Place a few rocks on top for some finishing touches.

Besides the dish, I was able to purchase every thing from Walmart. They seriously have tons of cacti and succulents to choose from.

 photo Untitled_zps4c4005f4.jpg


  1. I almost bought cactus at home depot last weekend to do this. Seeing yours I really want to now. Instead I made a "carrot" terrarium, I shared it on the blog today. I would love for you to share your post at the Bacon Time Anything Goes linky, if you have not already. PS, my sisters name is Jamie, but she spells it Jammie. :)

    1. A carrot terrarium? That sounds totally amazing I'll be checking that out asap. I love that your sister is also named Jamie but with two m's.

  2. Your post brought back lots of memories. I had a blooming cactus when I was just a young girl. It lived for a very long time. I like the idea of having a little garden full of them.

    Visiting you from Inspire Me Monday, where we are neighbors.