Wednesday Link Party

Its already Wednesday? Well time has flown by over here, I chalk that up to computer problems. Hows yalls week been so far? Any exciting news? If its been a bad week that's nothing a night of wine and carbs cant fix. Speaking of carbs if anyone has a great recipe for loaded baked potatoes they want to share i'll forever be you BFFL complete with one of those matching friend bracelets.

Last weeks feature is something different. In case you don't know I have a weird relationship with my dogs. They're family to me, If i could I would take them with me to go furniture shopping and let them pick out what they want. So it comes as no surprise that I found Artsy VaVa dog bed from a old ammunition box to be the shiznitz!

If I had a tiny dog you best believe I would have one of these in every single room for them, unfortunately all three of mine weigh above 60 lbs. Instead I have those huge Orthopedic dog bed for my fur babies. When I say huge I mean I could use it as a bed. Only the best for my children. There's something about re purposing a random item most people would throw away into something useful that really deserves to be featured.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting the party and for featuring my dog bed! It sounds like your dogs could eat my dogs for breakfast!!! My little Bo is only 5 pounds.He still acts like a puppy but he just turned 15 years old. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Our dogs make BFF's with other dogs really fast, its humans their not sure of. I hope my babies are still running around like puppies at 15 years old. Your little Bo is so cute and very lucky for that bed.