Lets get some motivation for this Monday!
I'm actually ready for this week. I plan on being very productive this week so I hope this helps anyone that need it.


Small things that make a big difference

Today & Everyday!

We are gonna be so hydrated this year. #drinkwater

Teas and what they do


yes! add tomatoes to the room temp side!

Feeling the abs after yesterday's session with those evil wheels  Today's workout is legs starting with squats with my gym buddies @Robyn Lance @doobywackerz here's a little fitness motivation mantra for today,

So true!

dear body...

Just HALT when you feel like overeating. this will prevent you from getting fat

Salad in a jar: Easy to pack for lunch..and stops soggy salad

I hope you all have a lovely week. Remember to check back for our Wednesday Link up and to see last weeks feature.

<3 Jamie

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