Yes it's Friday time to sit back and enjoy time with the family this weekend, instead of just go go go. We have tons of plans for this weekend one of which is taking the dogs for walks and going to the Farmers Market. Also some more house de-cluttering because my yard sale pile needs to be bigger & my house less cluttered. I dread the day I have to price all that stuff because goodness its a ton of stuff. 

Our website is getting a makeover as you can tell. I had a very nice gentleman contact me and offered to do a new layout...for a small fee of course. Its looking good so far. I wanted clean simple, black and white. Why? Well our content is normally colorful so we don't want the page to take away from it. They still have tons to do, like update the social media icons with something more custom. The only thing I need to do is get up to date head shots and photos for the projects. I'm a tad bit over excited and cant wait till its finally complete, then beg Jason to let me buy the domain to make this blog a bit more legit. I'm ready to be a bit more professional...even though in reality i'm not. 

You can expect a update on the desk this Tuesday. I  haven't gotten far on it, but any progress is always good. Right? I'm looking forward to when its finished, and surprisingly it's not been as expensive as we thought. The only problem with this is its too small to hold our bad mama jama computer that we use. So I see this desk just becoming a reading spot or craft place. Which is okay with me, that just means we need to get a better desk for the computer one day.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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