Well this has been one crazy week. I thought that once I finished my entry way that I could relax a bit and enjoy snuggles with Jason and the dogs. Pft that flew out the window when I found another project for me to do. A woman's work is never complete.

The next project i'm working on is big guys! Not like whole room makeover big, but like a expensive piece of furniture big. You might or might not of noticed the added "Knock Off" tab on our blog. It will slowly be getting filled with tons of delicious furniture knock offs by yours truly. I cant give to much detail on the first piece, just that it will be placed in my living room for everyone to drool over.

I might not do a craft post this coming Tuesday because I'll more than likely still be working on this piece. You can still look forward to the Motivation Monday post, and our Link Party that Wednesday though. 

I've also been cleaning like crazy, well trying to this week. I've taken it upon myself to downsize the amount of clutter in our house. I'm starting a new monthly rule in the Koenig Casa one weekend out of the month Jason and myself are going to spend cleaning and not spending any money. We basically spend that weekend doing stuff around the house that doesn't require going and buying stuff. For instance I've been wanting to use the fire pit again before the warm weather hits, I just don't want to go buy wood to do that. Luckily both the front and back yard has tons of tree limbs that fell this winter. What a better use for those suckers than to burn in the pit, easy clean up and bam I have a reason to roast marshmallows. SCORE! We also replaced our fence and all the old panels need to be broken down and put to the curb for the trash. 

I'm sure he's going to complain about it, but taking one weekend out of the month to complete those jobs around the house you've just been putting off slowly adds up. Plus you wife wont nag about it anymore.

 Spend a weekend reorganizing all you'r important paperwork and filing that big stack of papers that's about to fall over on your counter. I feel like i'll be giving the impression to our neighbors we're responsible adults when in reality the inside of our house is a hot mess.

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