February Favorites!

Time for our monthly favorites! I had so many favorites this month that I decided a sixth item was needed on the list, it was hard to choose. But in the end I compiled a list of Jason's and my favorites. 

1. Is Sharpie paint pens, we got a chance to use this product in our guest bedroom. In case you missed that post we decorated the walls with the sharpie paint pens in a triangular pattern. It was both fun and annoying. The product applied smooth with a few minor accidents. The only con about this product is that we had to constantly shake the pen for the inside paint to apply evenly.

2. The Stanley combination tool with degree angle, was the best purchase for our DIY projects. We've been building pieces that require 45 degree angles and were stumped on how to make them. I stumbled across this little guy while picking up Command Poster strips. Best $7 purchase ever!

3. Thomas Banana Bread Bagels, I've literally ate my weight in these suckers. Thrown on some honey butter and the taste buds are singing a melody. Its got that Banana bread taste with the texture of a bagel. Perfect combination!

4. I was informed about the Suave Moroccan oil body lotion from a fellow blogger. My skin is picky, in the winter my arms start flaking and turning red. They just scream HELP ME! I'm really impressed with this stuff. It does have a slight fragrance that might not be for everyone, but as the day continues the smell diminishes but my arm are still silky smooth and moisturized. 

5. I found a favorite paint brush! I never thought this would happen. I've been seeing alot of bloggers use the short handle brushes and just rave about them on their reviews. So I decided to head to home depot and bum-rush the lady in the paint section.

Me- "Where's the short handle paint brushes?" 
Home Depot Employee- "The short handle what"
Me- "The paint brushes with the short handles."

 I must of had a wild look in my eye's because she showed me where they were then she was out of there. I had to find someone else to make my paint because she was gone and nowhere to be found.

6. Oh my gee the final thing to make it on this list is Jason's favorite. If you're ever in Target and are in need of a comforter they have the perfect one. Jason kept talking and raving on and on how this one is super soft, it's the perfect density and keeps the correct temperature. Well needless to say when I informed him this comforter was for the guest bedroom, I was told I need to pick one up for our bed. We even had his little brother Adam come and visit who agreed the comforter was perfect.

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