Saturdays Random Thoughts & Rants

Does anyone else compare your significant others family and yours, to see what habits and traditions they have that's totally opposite from one another. I'll give you an example (in which neither family is wrong for their traditions) My family normally mourns lost loved ones on their birthday, stays home and reminiscence. Jason's normally go out to eat at the persons favorite place it's their way of celebrating their birthday and remembering them, its super sweet and a great way to keep from being sad on those days. I just love seeing the differences in both our families.

You know what just really rubs me the wrong way? People who answer phone calls, and continues on a conversation on their phone while their on a date or at dinner with family. Its like really dude that phone call cant wait a hour and a half? I think it just rude and make's you look like a tool or a total bey-och. I bring this up because Jason and I noticed a couple across from us at dinner where the woman was on her cell phone, and her boyfriend/husband/whatever looked very mad about it. She just carried along her conversation with no regard for him.

What's also aggravating is having a company send me an email to take their survey to see if i'm eligible to join their special community of diyers. SO I go to take the survey and am told after answering two question that i'm not eligible. Well okay it's good to know you determined that i'm not what you're looking for based off the number of email accounts I check daily and my job title. That whole experience really just buttered my biscuit. Granted i'll still use the companies products because their great, I would of just liked to of been given more of a chance. You cannot base someone qualifications base on their email accounts and job title. But I've notice that when you're in the blogging world you really experience some crazy things that leave you scratching your head dumbfounded.

I hate dealing with people who have emotional leakage. I understand you're having a bad day, but don't take it out on the rest of us. Especially people who are trying to help you out or don't deserve it.

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