Dear Friday

Dear Friday

Woot Whoot thank you Friday for getting here so quickly. I look forward to getting home and pouring a nice big glass of wine, and sanding down a credenza through out the night. Yeah that credenza that I somehow managed to squeeze into the back of my civic last week. I'm just now getting around to giving it the TLC it needs, and it needs alot. I totally plan on cutting off an inch of it at the bottom. Put some nice legs on it and stain that sucker down.

Surprisingly enough this week has been very uneventful Monday and Tuesday were so slow. We did go out to dinner with Jason's family Tuesday in celebration of his Grandmother Pats birthday. It was a very sweet way to celebrate her even though she's no longer with us. That woman was great to everyone in her family, and you could see the love in their eyes when they would go to visit her.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent our nights painting and loving on the dogs. It was perfect! I've been going back and forth between decorating our guest bedroom and starting on a new project for a competition. If you're wondering what competition, its Creating with the Stars I think it would be a great experience for anyone, yeah okay they have good prizes but the chance to work with one of those bloggers would be AMAZING! If you haven't heard of it then you should head on over and look into it. And if you're not going to participate in the submission go and help some of the entry's out.

CWTS Blog Star Banner

Who wouldn't want to work with any of these folks? Their websites and ideas are just as amazing as their profile pictures. I cant wait to finish my entry and submit it into the contest for a chance to be one of the twelve contestants. Even if I'm not chosen I look forward to keeping track and cheering on my favorite contestant.

I hope to have a room reveal for you next week and folks it's not the guest bedroom. The following weeks will be little projects from the reveal. So keep checking back and get prepared to have your mind blown

<3 Jamie

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