Dear Friday

I feel like I've gotten more done this week than I have this whole year. Just this past weekend I cleaned out our garage and separated everything into three piles. Garage sale, Jason's Crap, and My treasures. I also caught up on all the laundry (praise the lawd!) and put it away. 

Jason & mama P bought me Orchids for Valentines day. I've never felt more loved, in return I cooked Jason a delicious dinner and let Mama P get visitation with Mocha. Mocha was very excited getting to go bye bye and visit her other half of the family. Hopefully she doesn't eat up too many of my mothers and sisters shoes while she's there. While she's gone I can wash all of Ginger's dogs toys and not have to worry about Mocha dragging them outside in the dirt. 

I bought an elliptical this week and have been going hardcore on working out. If you're a big health freak and are interested in the exercises I've been going on a three month workout plan that I found on the internet. I replaced run 10 mins with 30 mins on the elliptical slowly working my way with the resistance. 

Monday was a Monday like any other. We ate dinner at mama K's, I planned out dinners for the rest of the week, I have three crock pot recipes to try and i'm so freaking excited about them all. I also have a few vegetable dishes to try, slowly getting Jason to eat his veggies. As always you can expect all the recipes Sunday night or bright and early Monday morning. 

Not alot of exciting things have happened this week. Which gives me ample opportunity to catch up with bloggers and read whats been happening in their lives. Our hot water finally got fix..that was exciting especially since we've been taking cold showers up until then. I did get some freaking amazing pillows for the guest bedroom....In the color....YELLOW! I'll have a post on Tuesday showing these gorgeous yellow babies.

Folks before I forget I got the epic piece of credenza from my local Goodwill. I seriously had my heart skip a beat and started having a minor panic attack. I ended up leaving it there then went back during lunch the next day hoping nobody bought it. I had 

Heart palpitationsons the drive to get it.

Some how it managed to fit in my tiny Honda civic.

Mama P and I decided to meet up Thursdays for dinner at Hamburger Mary's. My little sister came (She's got one more year until she graduates High School dawww!!!). Turns out Hamburger Mary's is a LGBT diner/bar that has Drag Shows certain nights. Yup Thursdays was one of those nights. I refuse to make fun of people and how they choose to live their lifestyle. I've had plenty of people judge me and my choices when I was growing up and it hurts. I have a bi-racial sister who's gay and I love her the same as I always have. I did enjoy myself and everyone was very friendly even when they decided to pick on me. This is a unique way to spend time with the family and let Heaven know we will always love her. Way to think outside of the box mom! 

Friday was just a blur until it came to the dinner. People that ish was AMAZING!! I cant wait to share what I made with you on Sunday. It's a seriously brightened my cooking experience this week, because Tuesdays dinner was a fail. I'm seriously getting really into making different recipes..especially in my crock pot. I've already shopping around for a second crock pot, that's how hooked I am. I've already came across a ton of recipes that Jason actually enjoys..and that boy is picky!

Before and After of the first week of working out. I don't notice any difference but hey ya gotta work for it. My legs feel like jello and my back is screaming, after a few long baths you ignore it. My husband has been very supportive in this little health adventure of mine and has even participated some.

<3 Jamie

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