Random Thoughts & Rants

- I find it surprising how much cleaning I can get done when someone calls me 30 minutes before they pay a visit to my house. It gives me enough time to lose my mind and go on a cleaning rampage. 

- I hate when people drive slow in the fast lane. We should not be going 5 under the speed limit in the fast lane. Its dangerous having people come speeding up on my bumper and we cant get around you because you're going the same speed as the person next to you.

- I'm a firm believer to not text while driving, yet I see people on a daily basis texting and driving. It hurts me to say that a majority of these people are in my age group. Can we please get some responsibility and drive safely? You're giving people reason's to stereotype our age group as reckless hooligans.

- Rolling with the whole human kind bit, what gives people the right to judge others on their life styles or choices. I personally don't care who you like be it male or female. I don't care how you live your life or run your marriage, and I certainly have no right to make opinions on it. People need to understand that unless it personally effects you in some way....then you need to Shut up. Your opinions are not needed in someone else s relationship or life, you only make yourself look like a fool when you comment. Especially when you live in a glass house yourself...don't go throwing stones.

- What goes through my dogs mind when Jason starts sleep walking at night and wakes everyone up?

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