HURRAY Its Friday!
Okay folks nothing exciting has happened this week unless you count putting up Christmas lights. In which case I totally find that exciting, but you might not. I finally got to use some icicle lights I bought from a yardsale for $5. I'm now in full Christmas mode and am looking for lawn decorations on sale. i'm really wanting two light up deers something Fierce. I'll even deal with the neighborhood kids placing them in an inaproprate ways on a daily basis.
Now because nothing major has happened this week Jason and have been able to get things together for his company's Christmas dinner this Saturday. We've bought a majority of the things we need, all thats left is me getting my nails done and a spray tan. Its like prom all over again!! Keep your fingers crossed I dont come out orange.
We still havent got our loveseat yet and we paid for it over two weeks ago. I'm starting to get a little impatient. Ashleys has totaly put a wrecking ball in my decoration plans before Christmas. Lets hope I can pull a mirical out of all this delay. However you best believe the moment it comes in i'll let you all know.
I've have a list of items I want for our home. One includes a deer head, and another unique dresser. i've been searching everywhere for a dresser, but with no luck. So i'm thinking about upcycling my grandmothers sewing cabinet again for a project yes the BEAUTIFUL Coral and Gold one. If you follow us on twitter you would know I plan on redecorating our guest bedroom to look like the cabin we stayed at during our Honeymoon. Okay it might seem kinda creapy when you read it like that. So let me reprase...I want our guest bedroom to have a rustic theme to it. THERE! Better? Keep in mind this theme could completely change because i'm not 100% set that I LOVE it. All I do know is I dont want it country but then again isn't rustic a bit country? GAWWW!!!
Oh this past weekend while putting up Christmas lights, we were able to clean out some of our garage. My friend came and picked up my mothers dining room table and chairs that she originally wanted us to dip dye, but then changed her mind and bought a new set of table and chairs. WHEW! Long explanation done! I'm slowly getting the garage back to park my car in during the winter months. Yeah it might not get that cold in Florida for snow but I still get ice on my windows. I already leave late for work in the mornings, I don't want to leave extra extra late having to wait for my windows to defrost. All that's left in our garage is a twin bed and frame, a haft circle bar, pool table, home decor crap, and tons of boxes that need to be tossed. So if you live near Lake Asbury and are interested before I post on Craigslist email
PEOPLE here for some decorating news. I'm looking into doing something I'm terribly frightened of. Wall Stencils! I have tons of plain boring walls and need something to give it a pop. So I'll defiantly be putting a post up soon and give you three different walls and let you help me decide. Part of me really wants it in our kitchen, but I'm scared after its done will it mesh well with my decor in the future. But I cant worry about that until my blasted love seat comes in....HURRY UP!!!
<3 Jamie

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