2013 Christmas Table

Because Jason and I go out of town for Thanksgiving I never decorate our home for that Holiday. I know I'm totally missing so much decorating opportunities there, but there's just no point since we aren't home. However for Christmas my Mother, Sister, and Grandmother come to our house and each breakfast or lunch. Which ever I decide to make that day.
Because we have them over on that holiday I decorate our home. Mainly the open area of our house. The kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathrooms. I don't go to extremes. I like it to look elegant and put together. I want them to flow good and be pleasing for our guest and also ourselves. Also I really enjoy Christmas, not the whole giving and receiving gifts. Just the decorations and meaning behind it.
This Christmas I decided to go all out on our Christmas tree you can read that here. But I wanted to see if I could find bargains for our Christmas Table. We only use it once a year why spend a grand amount on plates? I'm sure when we decided to breed it will get more use. BUT until then we're doing bargains.
Hello Pinterest!
I searched...and searched. Only to find one thing I liked, but no directions how to make it
Its very beautiful and I want it so bad, but after searching on google images I found a company that sells them. However I'm not ordering this and paying $56.00. just so that two weeks later the flowers will die, no matter how badly I want it...which is very bad.
I headed up to our nearest Dollar Tree, in a complete negative Nancy mood.
Best Decision EVER!
Our Christmas tree that we entered into the National Christmas Decoration Contest colors were White, Gold and Brown.
Guess what I saw?!
 White and gold dinnerware
I totally destroyed their display area looking and picking out things. Hopefully they aren't too mad, I left them with a mess to sort through and reorganize.
So after about ooh Id say an hour of shopping, okay maybe two hours. I raced home with my goodies. Grabbed my hot glue gun and set to work!

 As you can tell the Center Piece isn't big. We love our food so having a large centerpiece in the way, is just going to piss everyone off.

Here's Everything You need for this table layout and where to buy it at.

 - 4 Gold-Rimmed Wine Glasses (Dollar Tree)
- 4 Gold Plastic Chargers with Beaded Rims (Dollar Tree)
- 4 Royal Norfolk Gold-Rimmed White Stoneware Bowls (Dollar Tree)
- 4 Royal Norfolk Gold-Rimmed White Stoneware Dinner Plates (Dollar Tree)
- 1 Floral Bowl (Your choice)
- 1 Floral Foam (Dollar Tree)
- Gold Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
- White or Ivory Flowers (Dollar Tree or Walmart)
- Tiny Gold Ornaments (Dollar Tree)
Dollar Tree also has some amazing Christmas decor. I was able to get Stocking hangers for on my Mantel. All they needed was something to weigh them down and a light coat of spray paint.
I was able to fill the stockings for my Fur children with treats and toys that I know they'll LOVE!

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