Stocking Stuffers: For Men

I'd like to think that every person's stocking stuffers should reflect their personalities. Everyone is different, so we don't all like the same gifts at other's. With that being said every year I like to put a little extra thought into my husbands stocking. Hey! He's a very complex individual, and I'm sure he would say the same about me.
While yes I do get him the normal stuff that people get guys
- Bubble gum
- Socks
- Boxers
- Coal
- Razors
- Hair Gel
- Liquor
- Toothbrush
I do at least get him one or two thing just to let him know I put more thought into this. While I know in my heart Jason is one of a kind. I'm sure there's many guys out there that would also enjoy some of the items I thought of getting for Jason. I basically put everything I could think of into 8 different categories.
1. Personalized Items: Getting them something personalized that nobody else will have is a great idea. For our groomsmen gifts we got everyone shot glasses with "Problem Solver" Written on them. Little touches to a gift like a saying only you two use is what makes something ordinary into something special.
2. Phone Accessories: This year some of Jason's stocking stuffers are phone accessories. Their sold at decent prices, even at Target I was able to buy something for his phone in the dollar bins. New head phones, usb hook ups, etc.
3. Child Hood momentum's: If your significant other, father, grandfather, son, has something that they remember vividly from when they were younger. Buy them something they can have to really remember it by.
4. Accessories (Watches): Unfortunately Jason doesn't wear watches but its still a nice gift to get for a man. Alot of people do normally just check their phones for the time, but I'd like to think watches on a man are nice. It's represents a sense of wealth or a certain sophistication.
5. Gadgets!: Phones, GPS, IPads, Smart Phones, Camera, Camcorders
6. Car accessories: Need I say more?
7. Useless crap they don't really need but want!: Those off the wall gifts we look at and question our mans sanity over. "Do you really want to buy that? Its only going to sit and gather dust."
8. That thing that their friend has, but the better version of it!: Jason's not really bad at this but I did one year have to keep refreshing a web site waiting for a shirt to go on sale because his friend had one, and he wanted one to. You know those thing I'm talking about.  
Yeah those 8 categories sum up gifts for guys. I hope that it helps others out there needing ideas. Be sure to check in tomorrow for Stocking Stuffers: For Ladies.
<3 Jamie

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