Stocking Stuffers: For Ladies

Okay guys you cant just toss in a diamond necklace and think that's all to it. I'm sure if Jason could get away with a necklace and that's all the shopping needed he would be in total excitement. But Alas he cant, I expect him to put some effort into my stocking.
Yeah Yeah Yeah I expect the normal stuff
Hair ties
Bobby Pins
Chap Stick
Hair Brush
Lu fa's
But for the guys out there that are expected to put a little more effort into their gifts here's some help for you.
1. Scents: You should know what our favorite perfume, lotion, body spray, bath soap is. You can never go wrong with these when filling our stockings. Plus there's so many stores that give discounts or buy 1 get 1 deals that you can get them for a good price. Check your local mall and hit up the Bath & Body works buy 3 get 3 sale. That should be enough lotion or perfume to last her till next Christmas.

2. Makeup: I'm not saying go and buy her makeup for her. You'll totally get the wrong thing. Major brand stores offer gift cards. I'm sure your lady will be very grateful for a gift card to Ulta that way she can get what she wants without you picking the wrong item.

3. Hair Tools: Don't get me started on hair products and tools. If you live with your lady chances are you've seen all the "torture devices" as Jason calls them. If your going to buy one don't go the cheap route: Some good brands for hot tools is defiantly Chi, but you can also as your local hair stylest for better options.

4. Electronics: Hey we like electronics to, we just like our to be pretty. Normally the same gadget you've been eyeing we've also been googling from afar.

5. Nail Products: This could go with makeup but chances are this you can buy yourself for her. A nail care kit is a great idea, along with some polishes that are very popular now. Some major Polish brands are: Opi & Essie, Chinaglaze, sephoria. I'm sure you can get away with some Revlon polish to. Look for colors that you think she'll like and also throw in some you find pleasing. Please no sexy kitten red!

6. Clothes: DON'T I repeat DON'T go and buy her clothes. Go the same route with the makeup get a gift card to her favorite store. That way there's a 100% chance you wont mess up. You could always buy her some socks, or leg warmers for her boots. IT is the season for boots. But DON'T buy her Clothes!
Here's some other things not to buy her!
Underwear- You'll buy the wrong size for sure.
Lingerie - We have our own styles and taste slippery leather is not everyones cuppa tea.
Hair car products - Styling gels, mouse (unless you know for sure what to get)
Feminine Products - You'll Get Slapped really quick.
I hope this helps some of you guys out, remember every woman is different.

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