Whew is it just me or has the month of November flew by way to fast? This week has been a whirlwind for me. In the beginning I was rushing to get my house clean before our trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving. I'm not the only one who likes to get their house spotless before a trip right? Right? and now yet again I'm rushing to get this post published. Anywho here's 5 awesome things that went down this week.
First off I found a dress for Jason's company dinner. I had less than two weeks to find one, so I feel very relieved now. Its a ivory color with gold bedazzles on it. I'll definitely be investing in a spray tan before the big dinner. Shopping for the dress was just too fun, I took Jason with me and drug him literally into every store...twice before finally deciding to go back to the first store and buy the original dress. Ohh I'm an evil wife sometimes. I also needed to get two toy for their toy drive that night. I can mark that off the list since I picked them up that same day also.
Second, I found out one of my cousins is pregnant! I couldn't be more excited for her. She posted her first belly pic early this week and she's just too adorable. By far the best information I found out this week. I cant wait till she starts her registry.
Thirdly we went up to Georgia for Thanksgiving. I got to spend some much needed time with my Granny Ellen. Of course like every year we ended up leaving with a car full of stuff. Home decor items, Food, last year we left with a dog. While there Jason made a new friend, a malamute mix, the paws on this baby are bigger than my palm.
Fourth, I ended up getting everything I wanted for Black Friday, which in return left me with getting all my Christmas gifts for folks. I'll be wrapping them here shortly to put under our gorgeous tree. Walmart this year was a mad house the fire marshal shut ours down. Thankfully I hit alot of the early bird sales before hand.
Finally my father in law proved yet again why hes the best person in the world. He got me three bags of venison, right now I'm currently looking up recipes. Now I just need him to find me some free antlers. I did try a chili recipe with it called Cowboys Chili which was amazing. I cant wait to try it in a Shepard's pie tonight, my tummy is already growling with anticipation.
I hope that your week has been just as spectacular as mine. You can now mark Thanksgiving off your list and start planning for Christmas. I'm currently figuring out our menu for that....I'm thinking DUCK! Quack Quack

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