DIY Arrow Wall Decor with Command Poster Strips

Our living room is finally complete!!! Well except for the area rug and curtains I'm shopping for and maybe a few extra pictures. So lets just say it's 95% done.

Let me sit back and enjoy this moment of relaxation first before we start.......

/sips coffee

This room has left me totally exhausted we've either built or upcycled everything in this room since we've started. Yes we did buy a few of the pieces, and some are family heirlooms. One of the major things that I love in this space besides the Ottoman we built is the wall art.

I'm not talking about the LOVE pallet sign, even though that to is amaze-balls. You can thank the Shanty Sister for that one. I think it is lacking a little something however.

I'm talking about the arrow wall art. I put full blame incorporating arrows in the living room due to me going on Netflix and watching "Arrow" for a week straight. That's right Netflix its your fault.

Alright here's what you do. Remember our pumpkin welcome sign we posted in October? In case you missed it (Here)'s the post.

We took a sheet of plywood sketched out our pumpkin and with the table & jig saw cut it out. You're doing the same thing with your arrows. I used a level because no matter how good I draw, straight lines are my Kriptonite. I had the plywood just sitting around.

Once you draw out your arrows give the sheet of plywood to your spouse to cut out. Unless your a brave soul then by all means do it yourself. Jason hated this part, instead of spending his weekend with his xbox (The other woman) I forced him to pull out his table saw.

 Once cut out its time to paint.

I'm very big on not wasting products around our house so I pulled out some of that white paint we used on the dining room furniture and went to town. In case you're wondering the name of the paint its Irish Mist...Gorgeous!!!

I also used a little bit of the Martha Stewart bronze paint. I gave a review for that (HERE) and also showed you some of the items we used that on. WAS NOT IMPRESSED!

Once done its time to put them on your wall. I found the perfect way how to hang these. So one Walmart trip later I left with command poster strips. They have a weight capacity of 1 pound so about one on each wood piece is perfect I also used them to hang up my pictures. I've tried this brand before when they first came out and wasn't too impressed but I believe in second chances and I was very happy with the outcome this time. I'll definitely be purchasing more Command products to help Jason's fear of putting holes in the walls.

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