Industrial Coffee Bar: Part 1

This post is going to be extremely different than what we normally have on the blog.
Ready for it?
I'm starting to love the industrial look. There I said it!!! I always seen us living in a country decorated home. But when I saw some of the rustic industrial furniture that have been flooding the Internet lately. I couldn't resist it anymore.
I had to at least have one piece of furniture industrialized (Is that even a word?)
If you follow me on pinterest then you've seen this lovely pin.
Coffee bar! I really like this idea. Instead of a kitchen Island create a coffee bar and place it against the wall. It would clear off alot of space on our counters and put my morning coffee zone in one location.
I've been searching High and Low for a piece of furniture that could pull off a coffee bar. Particularly in our kitchen. I thought I found one with a vintage buffet, but turns out the one I found was just a little to high and bug infested. I sadly walked away with my heart broken but not deterred from my search.
When one day my mother called me!
Me: "Hello?"
Me: "Send me a picture quick!"
Me: "Ill take it."
10 bucks later my mom bought this little bugger & I went to pick it up from her house. That's where the first problem began. It wouldn't fit in my car. We tried every which way and still nothing. I'm having to go back later on and completely take her apart to fit in my car.

Completely ignore the bar stools. It's the perfect height and length! Yes it needs some work but thankfully what I have planned for it can hopefully be done in one weekend and for a reasonable price! The old owners of this little piece used it to hold their microwave. I have something greater planned for you little one.
First thing the tiled top has got to go. Right along with the wood stain. I also need to put some sides and a shelf on the bottom. I don't want to give you too much information on what I'll be doing to this piece, but I will say there will be wheels attached to it. Just know it will be amazing as always.

This leads me to ask do you have an industrialized piece of furniture in your home?

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