Black Friday: Tips

Ever since moving into our home, I've done my best to decorate it and make it welcoming on a budget. One of the way's I've done this is go and hit any sale. With that being said yes I've faced the Black Friday crowds. Sometimes alone and other times with my sister (who I make watch and defend the shopping chart). Thankfully when I've gone, I've been able to get everything I wanted. Now I'm not no pro, but taking tips from my in-laws has become quite helpful. I know alot of people don't like going, or it will be their first time Black Friday shopping this year. So with that in mind here's a list, a few bloggers and myself agreed upon.
Eat Before, Snack during, & Eat Again After
This day of shopping takes alot out of your body. While you might think standing in line...pft that's not much exercise. People have been known to stand in a line for a few hours or days just to enter a store. Then all the running around trying to locate that certain item that you're there for, while dodging and weaving other shoppers will take its toll on you. So its recommend that you eat and snack during this. You'll have more energy to head to a different store and repeat the standing, running, dodging & weaving cycle once more.
Have a Budget..& Stick To It
Shoppers have been known to get out of hand during this time and spend more money than they plan. I put full blame on the large towering stacks of merchandise with large font showing prices. You're eyes get wide and you get that crazy look in your eyes. Next thing you know you're $100 over your budget and stroking that expensive area rug like its your precious. Seriously folks know how much you are able to spend, and don't go overboard.
Dress Comfy
Its going to be a long night, so dress comfy. Even if that means those embarrassing Christmas pajamas you love and wear year around. You're going to be next to a bunch of hot sweaty angry people, at least wear something you feel good in. I do recommend some shoes with great support you'll be on your feel the whole time.
Never buy clothing
I refuse to ever buy clothing during blackfriday. Unless the piece you're looking at is 60% off or more, it's basically ridiculous to buy. Especially since stores hold clearance sales, and % off coupons for better deals throughout the year.
Do shop the electronics and DVDs
This is the best time of the year to buy electronics, DVDs and blue rays. There's bundle deals on a majority of gaming consoles. Normally your DVDs and blue rays are over 50% off. Its the best time to get that tablet you've been wanting, just get there early and wait in the lines.
Know your stores
Normally I go to stores that I shop at constantly. I know the layout, & I get there early and scope out where everything is. Sometimes the store will have maps where merchandise is located but that only goes so far.
Plan a route, & write it down
I'm not talking about a certain store route. I'm talking a store to store route. How & which store you're going to and at what time that sale is starting. That way you're not stressed out trying to remember everything.
Compare the adds
Please Please Please compare Black Friday adds. Certain stores will have the same merchandise for a few bucks less. While you might not think that's a big deal, it certainly does add up. This way you're able to save a few extra bucks and be less likely to go over your budget.
Shop in pair/Groups
Last year I had two items that were on sale at the same time, in the same store. They were both popular picks and would go out of stock really quick. So there's was no way I could get both by myself. Lucky me I dragged my teen sister with and had her wait in line for one while myself at the other. I was able to get both items for myself and one for a friend.
Stay Hydrated
You'll be surprised how much you lose during this day. Keeping bottled waters in the car during your down time between stores is a must. You basically are on the go that whole night...your body is bound to lose alot of fluids.
Shop online
Do shop online! You get the same great deals at the comfort of your own home. Or if you're currently in line at one store and need to make sure you get the item from another store before its sold out can come quite in handy. Walmart this year has decided to do free shipping, compared to the past few years where they charge an arm & leg.
***If you still haven't decided if you're going to face the crowds, just know that its not as bad at the news and social media sites portray it. I've only once have seen anything even remotely hostile and that was a woman yelling at a man who grabbed the same bedding set that she did. No fits were throne. Every year I've had a blast, and I cant wait till this year.***

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