Ohhhh what a long strange week its been! We've been super busy this week both with our regular jobs and the blog. Its been fun but I'm ready to relax this weekend with something stronger than coffee. Since its been a crazy week of course you should know all the main events that happened.

1. Jason and I got a patio set, it needs some touch ups where rust has started showing. But since its going to be sitting on our patio it wont be out in the elements. Along with the patio set, we got a fire pit! I have no clue where its going but I'm super excited since Fall is right around the corner. I cant wait to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee, or make smores during the cool nights.

Yeah It needs alot of work! Ignore the mess please.

2. We started looking for me a new car Sunday afternoon AND BOUGHT ONE. Say hello to Charlotte! This was my first car buying experience and it was great I walked away with the exact car that I wanted right down to the color and interior. You should also check out this cute owl air freshener I got from B&BW's line called Sentables. So of course since we went car shopping I didn't have time to do any home decor crafts. Yes I know total bummer, but had I known that buying a car would take 7 hours I would of did the craft Saturday alone. I have to head up to Jason's job to get the tires checked and rotated because its ridding ruff and the tires are loud.

As you can tell Mocha really likes it.

3. We're are slowly trying to pick up the habit of making the bed every morning before we leave for work. While Jason complains and says "Why its just going to get messy again?" Idk there's just something about coming home to a made bed and feeling some sort of comfort that at least one thing in the house is clean. Besides it only takes like what 1 to 2 mins max? Now if I can get rid of the bad habit of biting my nails.

4. I picked up a sweet corner linen cabinet that I'm going to use in our dining room as a beverage spot. Who needs a beverage cart when you can use this baby. It needs ALOT of work and we cant start till we finished our other projects. How much did it cost? NOTHING! My mother had it in her storage shed and I remembered it from when I was in middle school and helping store it in there. All I had to do was find a way to drill the lock on the shed since my little sister lost the key. I've not decided on the color yet, since it will be placed in our dining room...obviously not white we have a ton of that already. Maybe a grey or a light blueish green? Idk we will see when it's time comes.

5. Om gosh this week I've had sudden urges to go on cleaning sprees instead of shopping sprees. Our trash men officially hate us now. We seriously need to get better organised. If you have any tips on that please send them our way. Our main clutter spots are the bathroom, pantry, and our office. I still feel like I didn't put a dent in them.

6. Its been non stop raining this week. Which is killing my Crape Myrtle we just planted. Normally I wouldn't complain of the rain but enough is enough. I cant go walking because of this, and our dogs refuse to get their feet wet in the grass so they pee on the patio.

7. We are trying to sell our pool table and bar. Craigslist is not helping us, nobody wants to drive all the way out here to get a pool table. This is the only draw back living out in the middle of nowhere.

8. I figured out another project to do after I finish all the ones I have no. A Coffee Bar! This photo gave me inspiration!

I just wish I could copy and paste this into my kitchen. Its soo adorable! Next project on the list is a coffee bar! Now I have to sudden urge to finish up all our other home projects in a hurry.

How has your week been? Rainy? Sunshine?

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