Wedding Mementos

I've been trying to slowly get rid of all our wedding decorations. By either selling or giving them away. There's alot of stuff that I wanted to keep yes. But trying to find out what to do with it beside keeping all of it on my dinning room table is hard.

I refused to get rid of the extra large vase that we used for our wish tree. Also couldn't part with all the guest wishes that were attached to the tree. So for a while now I've had the paper wishes just sitting in the vase till last night. When suddenly this brilliant light bulb went off. I remembered that I purchased some of those vase fillers at a yard sale for .50 cents.


Now I have a dinning room table that is a bit less messy, and a way to keeps some of my wedding stuff. Which leads me to ask any post brides out there. What wedding mementos did you keep and how did you display them?

<3 Jamie


  1. LOVE this idea!! What a great way to keep those treasures!

  2. Looks great! How about filling those large vases with large, translucent marbles or some other kind of glass stones and then fill with silk flowers...just an idea.

    From my wedding, I've kept a cake knife and server. Use it for birthday cakes several times a year. Also, kept my daughter's flower girl dress and the cake top, for some reason. All that I've kept have not been on display in the home.

    Ocassionally, enjoy flipping through our wedding album...brings back a flood of memories of that day :)

  3. What a wonderful idea the vase looks great you could always put the wishes in a mini album as well and then you would be able to read them all!

    1. I'm sure at some point later down the road i'll place them in a mini album. I'm always redecorating something, so its bound to be replaced. Ty for the idea.

  4. Such a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing the post and pics. :)