TLC & Spray Paint

This post is being published later than what I had scheduled. We've had a very busy weekend and beginning of the week. Jason's grandmother's funeral was Sunday and we've been out of whack since then.

But better late than never I guess.

Every time I got up to Walmart I always stop by the spray paint section. Its like a habit, I could be just picking up a gallon of milk and still make my way over there. Here recently I've been eyeing their pastel color and finally decided to but two cans.

After keeping them for about a week unable to figure what to use them for. FINALLY I knew what I wanted to use it on.

I've had this navy blue lamp just sitting around my house. It migrates from room to room....mainly because it doesn't match anything and I think the color is appalling. So one night I decided it needed a face lift. The lamp itself is wood so I took some sand paper to it and wiped it down afterwards.

After the sand paper I set forth with the spray paint I was able to use a little over half a can.
Here's what I got!

It honestly wasn't the color I was expecting. I thought it would be a more teal color.

But now that I got them side by side its not that much of a difference.

Can you tell which side is the Jason's and which is mine?
I honestly think he needs some color on his side.

Oh an on a little side not I picked up something for my kitchen the other day that so adorable.

LOOK at that isn't it so cute. I bought it at Target for $4.99 thankfully I had a gift card so really I paid zero. I've been looking for a tiny sugar container to put next to our coffee maker. They had a matching cream holder but it didn't have a top.

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