Sneak Peak: Entry Way Table Design

I'm almost completely done refurbishing my grandmothers sewing cabinet. It looked rough when Jason first brought it home. But with alot of love and tons of paint. It will be perfect fit for our chic living room.

There should only be about another days worth of painting. Then comes the new handles which will be gold! Jason questions my color choice of course, but I tell him "I'm a woman and I'm always right"

I decided to give you a sneak peak of the next project to invade our home.
I've been holding on to this Coke pallet like its a life raft.
I also had a special trip to home depot for wood pieces and a different color wood stain.
I'm so excited to see how it comes together.
I'm unsure if I can get Jason to help me on this new craft. He found out I do know how to use the sander and drill. I cant play helpless anymore, and have him do the hard work.

I was working on it during dinner one night.

I can only hope it looks somewhat similar to the picture.
In case you're wondering what it is. Its a entry way table made with a pallet. A vintage Coke a Cola Pallet to be exact.
There will be a slight delay when the finished project with the sewing cabinet will be showed. Just in case we hit a few not being able to find the handles I want, you know the normal stuff. It shouldn't be no later that Tuesday.
But I will have plenty of other things posted for your viewing pleasure, so stick around.
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