Burlap Family Boxes

I have been in the home decorating mood for the past three months. With that being said while creating all these little things I had the brilliant idea for a new project to go on the 8ft long shelf Jason built me. Here it is!

Here's what you will need.

Hot glue and gun
Some mailing boxes
Spray Paint

I used some left over paint to coat the boxes since you could see through the burlap some.

I then glued the burlap to my boxes. Make sure its on there tight, theres no need to wrap the whole box unless you want to. Just the front and sides.

Next I printed out some stencils on regular computer paper and laid them over my boxes to spray paint.

Finally you need to use your spray paint. I refuse to use any other brand besides Krylon. Nothing compares to it.

Once you let your burlap boxes dry then you can place them where you want. I love mine right above our TV.

So that was a quick craft! I hope this helps other out there, my inspiration was fabric wall art...I just gave it a country twist.

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