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1,501+ November Page Views
3,602+ August page views
3,646+ September Page Views
2,116+ December Page Views
1,713+ January Page Views
2,153+ February Page Views
3,324+ March Page Views

400+ subscribers via Email, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, + more

Our stats may be small but we've just started our blog and its taking off fairly quickly. We decided to let our blog grow organic instead of inorganic.

Sponsored Posts:We do not currently offer any kind of sponsored posts.
Product Review:We do not accept money for product reviews of any kind.

If you would like to send us a product to try (no strings attached) please email us for more information.

Sidebar Ads:

We offer sidebar advertising, through google ads, appearing down the Left side of the blog. The companies who advertise there are not connected to TheKoenig's and their appearance should not be taken as a personal endorsement of their goods or services.

Guest Posts:
I have chosen not to offer guest post spots on TheKoenig's at this time in an effort to keep the sites authenticity and consistency.

For more information email us at ~ subject line ADVERTISING

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