March Favorites

Whew the month of March flew by so fast. I made alot of new blog friends, because who knew Florida was LOADED with them. I also completed a months worth of diy projects that will start making their appearance soon. With that being said of course I would have tons of favorites for that month.

For #1 if you're not of the female gender then this wont be of any interest to you. You can find this sassy skirt at Target. It's by Merona and in the color navy, what woman doesn't need more clothes. Its super comfy and perfect if you work in a office.

As far as #2 its been hitting the blogging world like a storm. Terrariums are the shiznit right now, I of course had to give it a go. Now my whole house looks like a picture of Poisons Ivy's lair. It's cool though because I only need about 100 more till I think I've got an obsession. 

Number 3 is just the same as the previous. Alot of people are using them, and while I have some I just haven't found a unique way to display them. I'd also have to saw them off the skull they're on so i've been postponing that as long as possible.

As far as #4 what girl doesn't like Ouchless hair ties? I never have to worry about having half my hair rip out when put it down.

Number 5 is the amazing Black and Decker hand sander. I've been complaining about the larger one we have hurting and making my fat jiggle when I use it. So of course Jason was the knight in shining armor and bought a smaller one, that's perfect for someone like me.

For #6 I couldn't really show you the exact one that's my favorite. But its a file storage ottoman, and now I have two. The directions are really simple and I cant wait till I share it with you peeps this month.

If you have any monthly favorites please leave them in the comments below. 

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