DIY Head Board

You remember those Bi-fold doors I removed last week, and how I said you're going to want to do the same? Well this was suppose to be that post. I thought that this would be the easiest project for this room and I could use the closet doors. I couldn't of been more wrong. Half way through this I felt everything I dreamed crashing down. When I finally realized this plan wasn't going to work I condemned those doors to the gates of hell, & scrapped the idea for something cheaper and funky.

Because Jason reads the blog I'll admit it. Yes you were correct about the bi-fold doors. THERE YA HAPPY? Don't expect me to give you anymore credit for the rest of this post.

I searched and searched the Internet for something to give me inspiration.

Came across this gem

Was told it would be a cold day in hell before I could put something like that in the house. Even when I promised there would be no pink....Okay maybe not ALLOT of pink.

So I decided to come up with my own headboard.
Which meant I had to locate my sketch book.
What I came up with was a drawing.


What I ended up with was this beauty!

- Sheets (Walmart)
- White Duvet (Target)
- Bed Legs (Yardsale)
- Throw Pillows (Marshals & Target)
- Curtain Rod (K-mart: Closed Down)

The Dimensions for this headboard are for a full size bed. 
Cost of Project: $60.00

Shopping List:
-2 Hex 1-1/2 Hex Bolts
-2 cut washers
-2 hex nuts
-Paint (Optional)
-2 15/32'' 4x4 sanded bc project panels
- 2 1x4-10ft common board

Cut List: 

Step 1: You need to first create the headboard. We used the two sheets of plywood. Then cut using the dimensions of our headboard. We used a mixture of wood glue and saw dust to help attach and make the line less noticeable. We also sanded the whole sheet just to make it a little smoother.

Step 2: Headboard outline/trim, I knew I wanted some color to my headboard and I wanted it trimmed or outline with that. So I left it to my handy husband to figure out how to do it. You need to cut the 10 foot boards so that they frame your head board. You need to cut them with 45-degree angles. If you're not good at angles (Eyes at Jason) Walmart has a nifty little tool that can help you out tremendously and its only $7.00. I'll add we didn't frame the bottom of our plywood just the top and sides, to save a little money.

Step 3 Attaching the headboard frame/trim/outline (Whatever you want to call it) This was easy we dabbled allot of wood glue on the 45-degree boards we just cut and placed them on our plywood. After they were in place we clamped them down and waited for it to dry.

Step 4 is Paint! I could hardly wait for this part. I so wanted bright yellow until I realized it would just blended in with the white. So my next choice was a green...and not just any green...the perfect green.

This picture just doesn't do it justice. To get the real aw-factor you have to see it in person. Once I taped off the part to the plywood (just in case I spilled anything) I started with the headboard outline. I actually found a new favorite brush brand that is perfect for a lefty (not that that matters really). I bought my green paint in a sample size because I didn't need allot. Let that dry and its phase 2 of painting.

Step 5 the arrows! I warned you that I'm completely fascinated with arrows at the moment. Yes! I'm still putting full blame on CW's TV show Arrow. I don't care how many time Jason complains the guy needs to put a shirt on...I'll still watch it and drool. You need to determine how many arrows you want on your sheet of plywood and mark your board into sections. I ran out of painters tape, but duck tape works just the same.

The good thing about the arrows I chose is that they require no painting skill. They're suppose to look a bit wonky, that makes it more Aztec. That doesn't mean have your three year old do it. Let that dry and move to the next.

Step 6: Attach your headboard! This I gave to Jason, It required drilling holes at a certain point and attaching them to the bed. It's pretty self explanatory. You need to drill holes in the legs of your head board. so you can thread those bolts through your metal bed frame and your headboards legs. After that you are officially finished, LOOK at you building stuff for the house. You're turning into a good little house wife.

In the end I'm very happy with the finished project.
I can't decide which side of the room to look at more. The sharpie wall stencil or this beauty. 


  1. I am in love with this headboard! I love arrows, very cute :)

    Amanda @ A Mother's Craftuition

    1. Thank you Amanda, yeah i'm crazy about arrows right now.

  2. Beautiful!! And I like the green used!

  3. I love BOTH the stencil wall and the headboard! Thanks for linking up to The Makers!

  4. Coming over from the Makers Link-up. Love the headboard and how the room is coming along. Bold style and I really love it.

  5. How fun! My husband built our headboard out of two bi-fold doors we found in our basement. I love DIY projects and am so excited that you shared it at this week's Whip it up Wednesday! It looks great.

  6. What a lovely creative idea for your own headboard. #weekendbloghop