Chairs & One Kings Lane

 If you knew me in real life then you would know how much research I do before I start a project.

I literally spend a whole week researching things for a room or piece.
I'm talking searches like:
What's the name or age of a piece.
Best way to apply a product.
Reviews on EVERYTHING!
Dupes for certain products.
Comparing prices on different websites.
Funny Cat Pictures.

As much as dual screens help it can still be very tiresome when you're going from website to website getting answers. So imagine my relief when someone recommended a website that had everything I needed for a recent project. 

I personally have never shopped at OneKingsLane, but I have looked with envy. Never the less I was shocked to find that they have huge resource site that has all kinds of information you need about furniture.

Which came in handy with this months room makeover. I wanted to use the site to find out about my grandmothers chair I use in our dining room.
 I never would of thought I would find so much information about its style, & history.
I'm talking tons of articles with all the information I needed.

I of course was excited because I love family heirloom's, so finding everything about this piece made it more rewarding and raised the cool factor for this site and my grandmother.

Let me give you a little example.

When we first moved into our home, we didn't refuse hand downs. So I was super excited when my grandmother offered her dining set. She informed me that she didn't have all the matching chairs...maybe three out of the original eight. That I would have to go through her shed and find them (The shed was packed full of old furniture BTW, my granny is a bit of a hoarder). So Jason and I spent a day searching for these chair...and FINALLY! We found three, but only one was able to be salvaged.

I had no information on the chair. I seriously knew nothing about it.

First minute out the gate I was able to determine the leg style on the chair. Fluted column

After that it was just a walk in the park finding everything else about it. The site also helped me find a style for my guest & master bedrooms.

I've been so impressed with this site that I've already started using it with my Grandmothers Dining Table and Sewing Cabinet. What makes it even better is that all this information is at your disposal for FREE. I love free! There's no surprise pop up add trying to sell you anything in the middle of your search. It's just something nice they have out there for us curious souls just wanting to learn more about furniture. I honestly wouldn't tell you about this page if it didn't help me in some way. I hope it is useful in some form to others.

<3 Jamie

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