Painted Dining Room Table

Folks we are slowly getting our dinning room together. I think all that's next is some chairs and décor both of which I cant wait to start on.  But for now I'll just sit back and admire my new...well new-to-me dining table.

Right onto the piece

Okay so we really didn't have a lot to do for this piece. Except we did have to do one thing...we had to chisel the siding off the edge of the wood table. Which took a bit of time but it was worth it in the end. I decided to stick with the same paint for the table legs & chiseled part to pull them together with the china cabinet. It took a few coats of paint for everything and a lot of time to dry. Now we didn't have a wood chisel handy but we made due with what we had. I learned alot about chiseling like you should go with the grain. That's very important! You also need a hammer to help you.

Here's what we finished with.

Yup its really needs some chairs now and a rug (Is it even possible to make a rug?). Maybe I can talk Jason into pushing up the chairs in the mean time while I figure out the rug idea.

***If you need more information on using a wood chisel please visit here. It shows you the basic steps to follow, and gives you some good tips.***


  1. Wow..this is great transformation !! I love how it turned out !! Great job !!

  2. Wow! Your dining table is looking great! You certainly are creative!

  3. Oh that is gorgeous! My dining table is on my hit list of stuff to paint, so this was very inspiring. Happy to be a new follower via GFC and looking forward to more inspiration!

  4. Great table! I need to do mine as well. You CAN make a rug. My local craft exhibition had a woman making a braided rug out of wool scraps. perhaps using a couple wool blankets from a thrift shop. braid starting at center making an oval loop, sewing together with heavy thread. She would braid some, and had a big clamp that she would attach braid to table to keep tight while she was sewing a section.

  5. Wow, the table looks amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party.
    Marigolds' Loft

  6. Love how the table looks in the room with the white china cabinet! Harmonizes wonderfully with the accent wall...wonderful job! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. I really liked what you did with the dining table. The table looks more beautiful than before.

  8. That's great information which you have provided in your post. Thanks for sharing such a valuable and informative post among the users.

  9. Nice sharp contrasts between the wood/white and your beautiful china cabinet redo and your wonderful red wall. Lovely.