Faux Sheepskin Review

I love looking at other peoples houses. Be it through video or through a post. I enjoy seeing how they decorated a space and made it their style. It gives me joy and inspiration. I also find out where they bought certain pieces for my own living space. Yes I'm stalking your home and taking some styling tips from you.

Here recently I came across a lady on YouTube called Mr.Kate link to her channel is Here. She's this big ball of energy and fun packaged into this tiny body. Our styles are no where near the same...that is until I saw her office chair had something draped over them and I desired it in my home. Here's the video that started it all...it made me go onto Ikea's website and order them before her video was even over. The Faux Sheepskin rugs by TEJN, the fact that each was 9.99 is what really reeled me in. Two orders later I was watching out for the FedEx man every day to deliver them.

One week later they arrived packaged very well, enclosed in a water proof bag. Which was a good thing, because it was raining the day they arrived. They were exactly what I expected, they looked exactly like Mr.Kates which led me to quickly run around the house with is billowing behind me like a superhero cape. I already had a use for one of the rugs I bought (Which I cant show until our final Dinning Room reveal), but the second one I'm currently at a loss for. I have no intention of using them as a rug. Mainly because all three of our dogs have been eyeing it longingly.

Because its faux the fur isn't as soft as you will expect. Its made very well and is a decent size. It would work well in any room of our house. I might even buy a third to put in our guest bathroom, since its hardly used. I personally wouldn't have it somewhere where it could get wet, or dirty very easy. It's white and dirt will show. They also recommend you don't wash them because it will ruin the rugs. The price is perfect for it, not too high or too low. The bottom of the rug is a rough material, which I cant describe what it reminds me of. Maybe burlap but not as rough?

Other Uses!!
1. Tree Skirt: As a huge Christmas person I love this idea. It would go perfect with our 8ft faux white tree. I'm sure you could make them into stockings as well.

2.  Pillows: The fabric is super soft and would be great for this purpose.

3. Sew two together and get a longer rug OR a amazing table runner!

4. Reupholster Chairs and Stools!

5. Furniture decor!

6. A bean bag!!

7. Photo Props

I love the ideas I found online! What and or how would you use one for?

Jason's answers!
1. Dog Bed
2. Tug of war toy for the dogs
3. Something to chase the dogs with.
4. A gift for someone, so that is out of our house.

As you can see he doesn't like them.

<3 Jamie Koenig 


  1. I love the photo opp and the over the office chair idea this might be something that I look into for the office chair as I use my office chair a ton because it is my scrapbooking chair :)

    1. I love them over chairs! How other people use them blew my mind. I would never of thought to turn them into pillows. Glad you found something for you office chair.:)

  2. Love the idea of using it under the Christmas Tree. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  3. LOL I love Jason's answers! I love the idea for under the tree!!!In white it wouldn't last in our house with 5 kids!

  4. WOW! What wonderful ideas! Love the pics, especially the bean bag! :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. what a great idea to use it underneath a Christmas Tree! I may have to give it a try.

  6. I love the tree skirt and table runner ideas. Very creative.

  7. Fun beanbag! I have always liked the feel of sheepskin!

  8. We have always had a read sheepskin from Australia. They are nice to have around a small rub, footstool cover. Ours eventually became a cat bed. LOL

    They are cool and LOVE the beanbag idea. :)

  9. I'd definitely use it as a rug but my three year old kids would find some interesting use for it I'm sure.

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