Link Party

Its Wednesday whos all excited about that? Only a few more days left till the weekend.


I had to share that with you guys it had me cracking up last night.

Anyways lets get on to the Feature from last week and the new link party.
I love drinking, but unfortunately my hand eye and crafting ability is non existent when I decide to partake the the sweet nectar of alcohol. Not for the Crafty Lumberjacks, them genius decided make some simple little fridge magnets with bottle caps. I have tons of bottle caps stored for a project that I forgot all about, and I'm now in desperate need of magnets for my fridge more than some silly bottle cap serving tray.

I mean look how cute those things are! Unfortunately the only beer selection my local grocery store stocks is; bud, bud-light, miller, and the rest of the redneck family.

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  1. Thanks for hosting the party. Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Happy Spring Jamie. Thanks for hosting. Have a good week.

  3. Thanks for the invite Jamie! Best wishes for An Extraordinary Day!

  4. Yay!!!! Always great to party with you!

  5. I'm guessing that the weekend get back here is sponge bob I had good laugh when I saw it.
    Thanks for the party.
    Have a lovely week.