Saturdays Random Thoughts & Rants

- Why does everything seem to break around tax return? Its like our house know's when to fall apart. So instead of spending a tiny portion on something Jason & I  goes toward the house instead. Every year this has happened since we moved in. The woes of being a homeowner. 

- Why do my dogs get the sudden burst of energy at 3 am and want to run around the house like maniacs? They could be more productive and use that energy and learn to pick up after themselves.

- Going on the same thoughts on dogs. I wonder what ours do during the day while we're at work, I bet not run around like crazy...they save that for 3 AM. I seriously need to look into installing a few cameras around the house and see what those mongrels are up to. Because when I walk through the door they look guilty as hell.

- When I was at the mall last Sunday I happen to notice a father let his little toddler (Who looked to be just leaning to walk) proceed to walk behind him across a major traffic area. He was of course to busy making sure his pants stayed below his bottom but not to low they hit the floor. He had no regard if his kid made it across or not. It took a fellow passerby-er to comment to him about it. Only then did he casually stroll over and pick his little girl from out of the middle of the road like it was an inconvenience. Some people just really shouldn't be parents.

- Why do people believe that showering your loved one with expensive gifts and roses on Valentines day is necessary? You shouldn't pick one day out of the year to let your significant other know you love them. It should be a daily thing, i'm not saying bring home flowers every day. But there's little things you can do to show them. Heck for me all Jason has to do is clean the floors and he's getting lucky. To show my love for Jason I let him play his video games without bitching. 

<3 Jamie Koenig

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