Dear Friday

I've been absent for the first full week of February. Alot has gone on so I'll try to catch you guys ups really fast.

The first work day of every month is my Target shopping day. Don't you just love picking up a Starbucks drink and walking around for an hour and a half. I ended up leaving with a down comforter and new pillow cases for the guest bed. Part of me wants to start sleeping in there instead of our bedroom. It just looks so comfortable and soft. Speaking of the guest bedroom, I'm halfway done with the headboard. That will be exciting when its finally done. Want a sneak peek?

In other exciting news...maybe not to you but my favorite author just released a new book in her series. I've been searching every book store in town to see if they carry it. Chloe Neill just knows how to create a story. I'm like a crazy Chicagoland Vampire fan, but not one of those scary crazy ones. Jason was a doll and took me last Saturday to pick it up. 

Who's ready for tax returns? Turns out we're getting less than last year but hey money isn't everything. Jason plans on getting a shot gun with a portion of it. The other half might go toward a new water heater since ours literally just went out. Remember folks the earlier you send it in, the sooner you'll get it back. Lets not be lazy and get this shit done. 

You know how Jason and I made a resolution to do something new or exciting every month. Well February is going to be different. Instead of doing something strictly to benefit us I decided to help others. I've been keeping an eye out on the local Facebook pages for people in need of items. So far I've been able to help a friends family by giving them the twin bed we have in our garage. Next a coworker was in desperate need of a bed frame...which I had in the garage. Now I've located a church that could use the tons of acrylic paint and UN-opened crayons that I have. 

It feels great being able to clean out the house and finding people who can use my unwanted stuff. Instead of just throwing them all away. Let's see if I can get rid of the rest. Until then it's just going to sit on Jason's pool table...he doesn't use. 

Thomas Bagel's came out with Banana Nut Bagels. Its like an orgasm of the taste buds. Those guys are genius! I've seriously ate my weight in them just this week alone. 

I ended up taking a trip to the hospital for fainting. Turns out I had an infection (With no symptoms) that caused this. Also my birth control doesn't help this situation. That's the reason for no post last week. Sorry I failed you folks. I do have some seriously battles wounds from having blood work done, but nobody wants to see those. I did however get alot of snuggles with my doggies that you want to see...RIGHT?

Photo: The dogs thought they could take better care of me than my husband. Ty honey for the past few days.

Photo: Saturday naps with this cutie.

I'll take what I can get from theses cuties!

Granny Ruby turned 81 this Wednesday. We decided to take her out to dinner just the 4 of us GIRLS NIGHT!! I'm pretty sure I ate the weight of a 7 year old. She seemed to enjoy herself, even while fiddling with her hearing aid. She's still very Witty and snarky as ever.

I've officially declared Tuesdays "Bring your crock pot to work day". If you're looking for a way to make everyone at your job angry and hungry at the same time. I decided to cook Smoky BBQ Pork chops and Mr. Koenig LOVED it. Served with a side a Mac & Cheese..Jason was down for the count. Top button undone and everything. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it finally finished. The Chops just fell of the bone, and it was so moist. I'll be putting the recipe on our weekly rotation.

Anyone else not doing anything major for today? No? 
Well Jason and myself are staying home with some nice T-Bone Stakes, Wine, and home made berry cobbler. I'll have the recipe to that cobbler on Sunday because I bet it's going to be DA BOMB! I'll also link and post all the other recipes from this week. (Because Jason is picky and I need to keep record of the dinners he likes some how.)

Finally I have awesome plans with mama P this Saturday. We are going to hit the thrift stores like a bunch of bad mama jamas. I'm not searching for much in particular just a nice coffee table, entertainment console (I can up cycle), and a dresser. 

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