January Favorites

Okay folks we're starting something new on the blog, and we're hoping that it becomes a hit! Everyone has their favorite products...Jason and myself are no exception. We've been known to recommend some really great things to family and friends here lately. Dealing with ton of different products and brands for our "little" projects makes this happen. So this month I've compiled 5 things that have really made an impact on this month for us me mostly. They range all over the board from clothes to things for your car.
If you're wondering why only 5 products? ...well I had to seriously narrow down the list and these five are the best of the best. We've purchased all products ourselves so I'm not going to come on here and sugar coat these reviews. (Hell even if I was paid per review I don't want to lie to you folks.) 

1.  I've been needing some new shoes for my full time job...building stuff & blogging is not my full time job. Though I wish it was! I normally stick with plain shoes: Flats and wedges..I'm too accident prone for anything else. I was excited when I took my weekly trip to Target and found their flats 2 pairs for $30. They are extremely comfortable..I feel like I'm walking bare footed which in Georgia and Florida people don't even think twice when we see someone without shoes. They're the Mossimo Supply Co. Ona Scrunch Ballet Flats in Cognac and Black.They're made extremely well. I almost wish I could pull off animal print and go buy those. But lets be honest some of us just aren't that hardcore.

2. At the end of last year Jason and I broke down and got a water filtration system. One of those heavy duty ones that's taking up way too much space in my garage...that could be filled with thrifted goodies. In buying said system we were given 5 years worth of cleaning supplies. I'm talking glass & multipurpose cleaners, laundry detergent, three types of soaps, Shampoo (That I'll never use..Finesse all the way) and tons of other supplies. I waited till I ran out of my hoarded stash now to finally uses these products. I'm now hooked I don't want to use anything else. Surprisingly they actually smell great. I don't have to worry while I clean my toilet and hack up a lung thanks to the fumes. I look forward to cleaning my kitchen...except for the dishes I hate those bastards.

3. I picked up this free printable from over at Irocksowhat for our guest bedroom, swing on over and pick up yours. While you're there show Jess some love on the amazing work she does. 

4. We got this blooming onion maker from a yard sell. Brand new in the box still wrapped for $3, I love me some blooming onions from the fair or from The Big Z up in Georgia. I'm sure I'll be buying a pants size larger if I can fully perfect the puzzle of the Blooming Onion and Chipolte dip. Jason doesn't like them THANK GOD because I don't like sharing my food.

5. As you all know I got a brand new car last year and dubbed it Charlotte. Charlotte is my baby and since I'm in it two hours a day I need it to keep smelling great. So I picked up some sentables from Bath and Body works. My favorite is Lavender Vanilla.

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