Dining Room Reveal

Whoo Hoo Finally the Dining Room Reveal. This makeover has taken me forever but it is DONE.
When I started designing this room the first thing I envision is how I want to FEEL when I look into it.  When I come into my Dining Room I want to feel Calm. I want our house to be calm, interesting  and inspiring.  So that is what I started with.  Calm and inspiring. So as you are looking at this new room I hope these are what come to mind.
For those that are new Jason and I bought our house 2.5 years ago.  It was a standard sale the previous owners were getting a divorce and put the house up.  Here are the pictures of it completely empty.
Doesn’t that peach paint remind you of something out of your grandmothers house?  EWW. I still LOVED this house though.
I found this picture of the room after we painted it for the first time, about a year after moving in.(We painted the wall 2 times after this)

Tons of work & blood went into this project. I mean that literally I sheaded blood for this room.

This is what it looks like now:

Seriously not the same room

It started out with the White China Cabinet. I knew I needed something Grand and eye catching, but also different.  All the dishware are thrifted or from Dollar Tree.

I found the mix matching chairs at thrift stores for $5-$10 each. One however is the original for this dinning set.

I went crazy with the Dillard Shelves but without them the room would be plain. The pictures are thrifted. (I have a serious infatuation with Owls)
And of course the base for the entire thing is the paint.  It brings just the right amount of color in & calms down the white furniture.

The lovely table was a upcycle from my grandmothers dinning set. I actually had to chizel this piece.
One of my favorite pieces in this room is my grandmothers chair.  I painted it to match the current color of the furniture. And added a fluffly pillow to give it some texture.

I am in love with the entire thing so much the only way to describe it is with a big southern sigh.
I love that it feels calm.
I love that it feels like family.
I love that there will never be another room like this on this world because almost everything was family heirlooms and not just purchased.
Here are all of the tutorials for this room makeover:


  1. Great job, Jamie! You can tell how much work and love went in to the room and it looks fabulous. Love the owls. :)

  2. Love your finished dining room Jamie. I checked out how you did the table - that was a lot of hard work, but what a great finished table.

    1. Thank You Joy! It turned out great but I never want to chisel anything ever again after that. :)

  3. What a bold statement! I love how it turned out!

    Amber @ Averie Lane

    P.S. I am 99% that old wall color was what my mom had in our house when I was growing up and its currently the color of our little bathroom...lets just say I can't wait to paint!!!