Dear Friday

It's been a fantastic start to 2014. I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but this year I decided to try it. Now I didn't go for the normal lose X amount of weight. I decided to be more Optimistic this year. I normally find the bad in everything, while Jason just sees the greatness to come.

We both also decided here recently to try something new & exciting every month. To start this month off right we went zip-lining with friends. I slowly got over my fear of heights the further along we went. The guides we were given showed us a great time and made the experience five times greater.

This past week I also found a lost dog on a main road near our house. I must add it was minutes before we had a bad thunderstorm hit. It was friendly enough to just come right up to my car and jump in. If you should ever find a lost dog the quickest way to find the owner is to get the dog checked for a chip (PetsMart does it for free). Unfortunately he did not have a chip, or collar so I was stuck taking him home and printing up flyer's to put out in the morning.

This little guy was very adventurous after 5 mins of being inside our house. Sure he was afraid of our dogs, but who wouldn't of been when there's three other dogs running around. When we woke up the next morning to put out the signs, the owner beat us to it and already had some out. I felt great contacting them and bringing them their baby...who's name was Taz. Turns out their fence had blown over and Mr. Taz escaped.

We also started on our next room makeover which should be finished some time in February (Don't hold me to that). Our guest bedroom has become our third storage place. As of right now our living room is ground zero because I moved EVERYTHING out of the guest bedroom. Here's the before shot of our guest bedroom.

I'm very grateful Jason's been home the past couple of days. He's taken it upon himself to fix some of the items on his honey do list. Yesterday he finished our fence line, and fixed the garbage disposal. That Macho Man! I hope to come home to some washed laundry and a fixed dryer. That would make the ending to this week PERFECT! 

(That and a Martini)

Here's hoping the rest of this month has more great things to come. 

<3 Jamie

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