Dear Friday

We have been some serious lazy bums here at the Koenig house this week. Going to bed before or right after 9pm & just recording our t.v. shows to watch at a later date. (I believe Jason and I are just relaxing from last weekends huge cleaning spree.)

Which is Riddikulus (Insert Harry Potter reference)

I recently dove head first into another room makeover. Jason got onto me and said "You can't just go from finishing one room and starting another. Take a break in between." Easier said than done. Never the less the first stages of Guest Bedroom Makeover is completed. The walls are done!!!

Wednesday I was suppose to have a Mother & Daughter date. Mama P and I get our nails done ever two or three weeks...she called and canceled. Thank goodness there's a salon near the house because mine are looking pretty horrible from after the Dining room makeover. They needed some serious TLC, besides who doesn't love a good American Manicure & hand massage? 

Jason & I busted out the Fire Pit for the first time this year (& the first time since we got it) We roasted some hot dogs while the dogs ran around outside playing. 

Photo: Wennie roasting time!

The dogs have been driving us crazy this week. Our young one Ginger has a huge separation anxiety issue. She starts freaking out 10 minutes before we leave for work. (whining and howling) I've started to leave Animal Planet on for her. Maybe the noise will help calm her.

I did some serious cleaning in the office recently, but not enough. Slowly we'll be moving our 200 sq ft bedroom office into the kitchen. I wanted to have a completely empty room for a future project or for a just in case room. 

Our Thursday tradition is starting back up. Our favorite show King of the Nerds started back this week. This might be the one day we stayed up past 9pm this week. During commercial break I can read up on some new blogs I just found.

Tonight Jason and I have a "Date" night to go and see Jeff Dunham LIVE. Big thank you goes out the the In-Laws because tickets to that show was a Great Christmas gift. Lets hope traffic isn't bad on the way home or we'll be late to the showing.

We have some great plans for this weekend also. I'll be taking pictures for next months blog posts & working on the guest bedroom. Jason has decided to go yard selling with me this weekend in hopes to find some GREAT furniture. (Fingers Crossed the weather is good)

Here's hoping next week is great also!

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